Because Mayht transducer technology is a core technology, it can be used in any product that contains a speaker. There are many applications where there is a great lack of bass because of size, cost, form factor, weight or rattle noise constraints. Mayht is creating drivers that outclass conventional drivers in all aspects.

‘A technology that fits every form factor’


‘Smart speaker, TV, Multi-room: make it smaller and sound better’

A home without audio products isn’t a home. Many people have embraced home audio systems, but there are many products that would be much more enjoyable if they would have more powerful bass. A ‘milk carton’ sized speaker with enough bass to fill a big room. A TV which does not require a soundbar for pleasant sound, a soundbar that does not require a subwoofer for home cinema sound: these are a couple of examples that we are realising with Mayht drivers.


‘More portable, fullrange, longer battery life’

Bluetooth speakers are very popular because of their great flexibility and ease of use. A great challenge is the fact that most qualitative aspects work against each other: more bass means less portable (bigger and heavier), louder full range sound means shorter battery life. The Mayht technology is developed in a way that more bass only means more bass: the speaker does not become bigger, and the battery life does not become shorter. A new era of portable speakers will arise with Mayht Inside.


‘Light weight, no rattle noise, space saving’

A car has many woofers, often in doors, beneath seats and in the trunk. Woofers take a lot of space, are heavy and cause rattling of the doors. Mayht woofers are light weight compared to conventional woofers, and small enough to fit a door while being able to deliver the bass of multiple woofers combined. Next to that, because the Mayht driver is a dual driver, there is no rattle noise or bass loss due to mechanical vibrations of the enclosure. Because everything fits inside a door, there will be more trunk space for personal belongings, and space beneath seats for batteries (in electric / hybrid cars).


‘Light weight, smaller, more rigid’

It is a great challenge to fill a stadium, concert hall or any other big public space with high quality powerful sound. This challenge is often taken on by big heavy speakers, which cost a lot to transport. Mayht is able to make these speakers 16x smaller, without losing any sound quality. Imagine how much that will save in transport and the great benefit in flexibility and ease in sense of placement because of the low weight and small size. Because of the architecture of Mayht drivers, they are at the same time more robust than conventional drivers: great bass from a small and highly durable speaker.