Mayht transducer technology increases a speaker’s bass performance up to 16x. Without compromises in quality, size, price point or form factor. The interest in developing and designing speakers and transducers is born out of a passion for sound and conquering challenges. Mayht creates unexpectedly powerful sound in attractive form factors.

‘Mayht is the roaring sound of change’


Mattias Scheek


Mattias is founder of Mayht, and a TU Delft graduated engineer. Through his first company – Scheek-loudspeakers – and personal studying he grew his entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Timothy Scheek


Timothy is an expert in acoustics, psycho-acoustics, and product sound design. Timothy is founder of Mayht, and head of the development and main inventor of the Mayht technologies. Timothy is always looking at the future, and takes on every challenge.

Max van den Berg


Max is co-founder of Mayht and has broad international experience in consumer electronics, telecommunication and software companies. Max is responsible for the commercial strategy and business development of Mayht.

Onno Steenhuis

R&D Engineer

Onno studied Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, and is responsible for several development projects within Mayht. Through CAD development, and lab testing he supports the company in achieving all R&D related goals.

Job Koreman

R&D Engineer

Job is a multidisciplinary engineer, having a TU Delft background. Job is specialized in prototyping and detailing of parts, also focusing on aesthetics and broader design implications.

Simon van Gemert

Jr. R&D Engineer

Simon is a multidisciplinary engineer, and highly skilled in mechatronics. Simon supports the team in hardware – and software tech development.

Mission & Vision


The mission of Mayht is to provide the world with high quality full range sound, in the most desirable compact form factor. A flat TV with home-theater sound quality, a pocket-sized bluetooth speaker with enough power to enjoy music during a picknick, a lightweight powerful speaker for a band to fill the biggest room with an immersive music experience: all the sound, in the most attractive form factor. In the end, it is not about the speaker, but about amazing sound that fits every situation in the most compact form factor.

Our vision is that ‘Mayht Inside’ will become the industry standard; the most powerful bass solution available in any audio-enabled device. The world will get used to a high quality full range sound experience, made possible by Mayht’s driver technologies.



The story towards the company that is now creating the next generation of technologies for transducers started back in the year 2000. The founders have been playing around with speakers as kids, had a high-end speaker company in their early twenties, and are now realising their lifelong dream together with the Mayht team: the ultimate experience of sound for everyone and everywhere, made possible through Mayht Inside.


‘Young, curious, and learning through doing’

Timothy and Mattias Scheek – brothers and founders of Mayht – were already very passionate about sound at the young ages of 7 and 8. The rumbling effect of their father’s subwoofer created their desire to also have speakers of their own with a lot of bass. With their allowances, they bought second hand speakers, and started to experiment: they would take the speakers a part, take the drivers out of them, and put them in other (often bigger) enclosures. They were fascinated by the effects of having more drivers in an enclosure, and were ever increasing the size of the boxes: the more bass, the merrier. Their parents would sometimes get frustrated with the mess they made, but remained supportive and enabled them to explore their interests.

First Company (2013)

‘In search of the ultimate sound’

After their first years of studying, the brothers established the company ‘Scheek Loudspeakers’ in 2013, a company focused on high end design speakers for home – and public spaces. In this company they created a lot of tailor made speakers, specially designed for the rooms (sometimes custom install) that they would fill with sound. They would source drivers from the best suppliers, and then design an enclosure and amplification system around it. In 2015, they wanted to make a new flagship loudspeaker of >100K Euro, which would be sold to end users with a great appreciation for great quality in sound & design. They knew that they needed to do something radically different to attract the attention of the world, and the only way to truly do something different is by changing to the core: the driver. In 2015 they started to focus on the driver; they had many driver concepts before 2015, but this was the year that they would try them out and develop it further.

Mayht Establishment (2016)

‘The very first step’

After having tried many different architectures and concepts, the first stable driver was created. The prototype showed that it was possible to make a speaker which was about 2.5 L in volume, with the sound of a 25 L speaker. It looked like something that could change the audio industry completely; depending on scalability and other industrial applicability factors. Because the potential of this technology was much broader than just high end speakers, it was decided to establish a new company that is completely focused on driver technology: Mayht. To get feedback and advice in a secure environment, Timothy and Mattias went to the TU Delft (where Mattias got his degree). They received very positive reactions from Technical University professors, IP specialists etc.. After this first step, many prototypes followed to explore possible applications. All kinds of shapes and sizes were made, and much was learned to further improve the technology.

Investment in Mayht (2017)

‘Bridge towards building the company’

A regional fund that invests in young companies in the proof-of-concept phase (UNIIQ), invested in Mayht in 2017. Early 2017, Max van den Berg – business development & strategy – invested in Mayht, and joined the team. Later that year, Job Koreman and Onno Steenhuis joined the engineering team. That same year the company moved from Amsterdam to Delft, grew their prototyping facilities, and came up with the MT1 in November: a 30 mm wide ‘tablet sized’ speaker.

MAYHT MT1 (2017)

‘same sound, 15x smaller’

December 2017, the MT1 – a tablet-sized speaker – was made and introduced to the key global tech – and audio companies in the world to show the potential of the Mayht technology. 15x smaller than the market reference, but still having the same bass power. Everyone that heard the speaker was immediately convinced that this was something completely new and interesting for many applications: from TV’s to bluetooth speakers, from automotive to professional and so much more. The enthusiastic reactions of the companies further confirmed the high value of the ground breaking technologies that Mayht is bringing to the market.

VC Investment in Mayht (2019)

‘Series A funding’

At the beginning of 2019, Mayht secured Series A Venture Capital funding from FORWARD One. With this funding, the tech will be brought to mass production state. Quote from FORWARD One: ”FORWARD One is excited about Mayht’s technology as well the deep experience of its team. We have very high expectations of the impact on the Tech and Consumer Electronics markets that are always looking for ways to decrease size while preserving sound quality”. Read the full press release through the link.